American Workers

Can Unions Surge in Post-Pandemic America?

By: pete marchese | May 10, 2020 |

Millions of generally ignored workers are now hailed as heroes. But it will take millennial-led militance to translate this newfound esteem into palpable gains. An Article written…

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By: pete marchese | April 7, 2020 |

Perhaps, when we get to the light at the end of the tunnel, the American People will realize that they had sold their country out to their…

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Will robots take your job?

By: Union Built PC | December 7, 2019 |

Artificial intelligence aims to replace the human mind, not simply make industry more efficient. Robots have transformed industrial manufacturing, and now they are being rolled out for…

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By: pete marchese | November 11, 2019 |

The American Civil War divided the country, citizen against citizen, brother against brother. It cost the lives of 620,000 Americans with millions more injured.  The root causes…

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What Democratic Presidential Candidates Have to Say About Public Servants and Their Unions

By: Union Built PC | October 17, 2019 |

Recently, nineteen Democrats running for president gathered at a forum in Las Vegas and pledged their support for public service employees and their collective bargaining efforts. The…

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