Bargaining Power

Exceptional Labor Cost Analysis for Superior Results at the Bargaining Table

Bargaining Power is a unique product that gives Labor a Software Solution that provides enhanced insight and is faster and easier to use than any spreadsheet model. It instantly allows unlimited proposals to change compensation, benefit, time off-allowances and work rules. Also, it automatically takes into account turnover rates and changing lengths of service. With Bargaining Power, Unions can be confident they’re capturing the true costs of potential settlements.

“Bargaining Power provides a unique and comprehensive array of options that I use for myriad types of contracts for the locals I provide analysis to. This is a program which allows me to recreate the complex rules of a contract and perform very complicated calculations that would otherwise be extremely time consuming in a different format. Some of our larger locals have even licensed the software themselves, which enhances the consistency of analysis from our international perspective. Another feature I really enjoy is the collaborative nature of the support. I have worked closely with their staff in order to highlight current features that could be developed further or a feature that would be helpful, and in the course of the past two years I have seen many of these refinements make their way into recent releases. This type of dynamic, ongoing development is reflective of the flexible economic analysis Bargaining Power allows me to provide to locals across our union.”   
— Adam P. Blunt, United Food & Commercial Workers, International Union