Grievance Manager

Modernize your Grievance and Arbitration Management process with Union Built PC’s custom configured Grievance Manager Software. Increase efficiency with our web-based data and work-flow management software built specifically to your needs. See how you can increase efficacy in your Union Office!

Bargaining Power

Gain a greater understanding of the financial impact of your proposals with smart, fast and user-friendly software for exceptional Labor Cost Analysis and superior results at the Bargaining Table. Arm your Union with enhanced decision-making power today!

Union Cloud Backup

The Union Built Cloud offers automatic backup of your data and a secure storage and syncing solutions for security of your files and seamless access to Word docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, photos and any other digital assets. Access your data from anywhere while keeping it safe and secure.

Membership Tracking Software

MTP is your go-to membership management software system, which keeps vital information at your fingertips. MTP is accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device, allowing for quick answers, member mobilization, and tracking.