Unions are unlike any other organization. That’s why you need Union Specialists who understand your unique operation, culture, challenges and needs. Union Built PC is committed to providing International and Local Unions, the organizations affiliated with them, and all Union Members, Computer Hardware and Software completely customized to your specific requirements.

After dozens of years working in the labor field as members, officers, and activists, Union Built PC was launched in 2001 to meet the growing need for an Information Technology provider that would deal fairly with Labor, offering the kind of relationship that we knew was possible; a mutually beneficial one that would last decades.

We have built a fully Unionized Company employing the most creative and forward-thinking experts, certified and experienced techs, professional trainers, and skilled assemblers. We offer insight and dedication that only comes from striving, every day, to be the best at what we do. At Union Built PC, support and innovation comes in only one style: Unlimited.

Contact Us today to inquire about our Custom Configured Desktops, Laptops and Tablets and Custom Software designed to help your Union run more efficiently. Built for Union Members, by Union Members.

The staff of Union Built PC, Inc. have been members of the following Local unions and Labor organizations:

  • CWA Local 9503 and 1101
  • USWA Local 3844
  • IBT Local 838
  • UAW Local 889
  • IBEW Local 17
  • UWUA Local 223
  • The Greater Kansas City
  • Labor Council
  • Michigan Labor Press
  • Midwest Labor Press

Our technicians are certified in:

  • A+
  • MCP Plus Internet
  • MCSE
  • CNE (Novell)
  • CCNA (Cisco)
  • Check Point Firewall
  • ZCE (Zend PHP)

Final assembly and/or configuration in the USA from foreign and domestic parts. Union Built PC is organized by CWA Local 1101