Grievance Manager

Custom and subscription applications for all levels of grievance management

Web Enabled Data and Work-Flow Management Software

Modernize your Grievance and Arbitration Management process with Union Built PC’s custom configured Grievance Manager Software. Grievance Manager offers custom form and process design, with context sensitive forms and pending deadline alerts per case. The applications are designed to streamline and “crack-proof” the appeal process, and to offer powerful tools for case research and multi-factor comparative group reporting to reveal patterns.

All Grievance Manager applications include:

Grievance Manager comes in three types:


Ideal for Locals with simple grievance procedures and processing needs.


10 Users - No Setup Fees.

$3 ea. add'l User


For larger Locals, Districts or Regions needing more fine tuned procedures or data schemes. We design our custom applications for clients’ specific needs.

Requires RFP or Proposal phase.
Cost and timeline by quote.


For regional or national unions needing a spoke-hub system for seamless process automation. These systems can allow variability between Locals and bargaining units while providing mapped and filtered data to users in various roles.

Requires RFP or Proposal phase.
Cost and timeline by quote.


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Many unions are already taking advantage of the many benefits of Grievance Manager!