Yes, We can Import Your Old Grievances: Grievance Manager!

In our 17 years with Grievance Manager, we’ve often had requests to import old grievances from other systems, most often MS Access, Excel spreadsheets, and file systems with grievance documents, and from other types of databases as well.  Can these legacy grievances –  often many years’ worth – be imported into a new Grievance Manager system?  Yes, they can.  But the key is format consistency.

If a Union Local has a consistent method of tracking and documenting grievances, we can bring all of that information, including documents, into a new, convenient, Grievance Manager.

One common thing we see from Locals are file folder trees with the folders named by grievance number or some other uniquely identifying feature, such as the grievant name combined with a date.  We accept that data as a secure zip file, and use our tools to parse it into Grievance Manager grievances with associated documents.  If there is additional grievance tracking information in a database, spreadsheet, or other format, we can copy that data as well, as long as there are unique identifiers that match to the file system folders (if importing both files and from database).

Imports require some additional labor, but our review is free.  If the source data is well ordered and consistent, quotes can be as low as $120 for a full data import.  Give us a call at 877-728-6466