Union Built PC Launches GM-STANDARD: A welcome addition to the Grievance Manager Family

Union Built PC Inc. developer of Labor’s premiere custom grievance and arbitration tracking application, Grievance Manager™, announces GM-STANDARD  a convenient, powerful and cost effective grievance and arbitration tracking solution for small and medium sized unions. Subscriptions are just $199/month.

Copiague, NY (PRWEB) August 15, 2017 — Union Built PC has developed GM-STANDARD, a cost effective solution to grievance and arbitration tracking for small and medium unions on a restricted budget.

Union Built PC Inc. has always been in the forefront of developing new and innovative IT solutions for Labor. We have received numerous requests from small and medium unions across the USA and Canada for a cost effective solution to grievance and arbitration management. Union Built PC has now developed GM-STANDARD, a robust grievance and tracking application with advanced reporting and search capabilities, based upon our Custom Grievance Manager application.

GM-STANDARD (http://gm-standard.com) is web-based and tablet-friendly (and phone in a pinch), with robust security, daily backups, and downloadable data archives. The application includes document storage, multi-level permissions, upload-able contracts, 47 search criteria, multi-factor data pie and bar graphs, and due date alerts via email and SMS. All this and more for only $199 a month, no setup fees, no contracts, with the ability to cancel at any time. Your data will be safe and can be downloaded locally whenever needed. Union representatives will now have an application that will help them master their grievance case load and effectively represent their membership with a more timely grievance procedure.

Union Built PC Director of Operations Pete Marchese comments:

“GM-STANDARD is a great convenience for just a nominal cost. All the information is right there at your fingertips. It’s a much more efficient and powerful way of tracking grievances and arbitrations than other low-cost options. Why not give your Local Union a definite advantage? As a District Steward for CWA for many years, I have represented members in thousands of grievances and many arbitration cases. GM-STANDARD is the culmination of my experience and my hope that the development of new technologies such as this will aid unions to more effectively represent their membership. Union Built PC Inc is all about helping Unions excel.”

Development Manager Barry Diederich adds that taking advantage of the power of the relational database technology makes GM-STANDARD a far more powerful tool than a standard data storage application. Diederich comments:

“GM-STANDARD benefits from our years of experience building custom grievance apps. It’s extremely easy to use and includes powerful search and reporting capabilities and gives unions the ability to analyze patterns over time by multiple factors. While it doesn’t have the limitless flexibility of our custom products, it is flexible enough for unions to customize to a considerable degree themselves, and we can further customize it to an ever greater degree on request.”

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For more information about Union Built PC’s GM-STANDARD App or to
inquire about customization for your Union and purchase call (877) 728-6466 or email


About Union Built PC

Union Built PC’s grievance software applications offers unions web-based software to manage grievance
processes from start through arbitration. From our Custom Grievance Manager application (https://grievancemanager.com) that is custom designed and coded to fit the client’s
specific processes and requirements, to our GM-STANDARD version (https://gm-standard.com), Union Built PC Inc. will help you Excel and more effectively represent your membership.

Union Built PC (www.unionbuiltpc.com) also sells and services VOIP systems, network servers, desktop PCs,
laptops, and Android-based touch tablets. Its clients include the National Joint Apprenticeship Training
Committee (NJATC), JATC training centers nationwide, as well as a variety of local unions across the
USA and Canada such as IBEW, AFSCME, SEIU, CWA, USW, IAM, ILWU, AFT, CUPE, APOC and more.

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Pete Marchese
Union Built PC Inc.

Pete Marchese
Union Built PC Inc.

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