Union Built PC Inc. and All Phase Media have entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with a goal of providing the Labor Industry the necessary tools to effectively represent their membership via Web Design and marketing specifically designed for labor Unions and enabling Real-Time Grievance and Arbitration Tracking.

Union Built PC Inc. and All Phase Media are the leading experts in Web Design, marketing and Grievance and Arbitration Tracking Labor Software. In combining the skill sets of their respective teams and product offerings, we will enhance Labor’s ability to Bargain more effectively.

This partnership also provides an opportunity for Union Built PC Inc. and All Phase Media to work collaboratively on product development, marketing, and software sales.

“The Union Built PC Team is constantly searching to collaborate with companies that will help Labor Excel. All Phase Media certainly fits that criteria. Their Web Design and Marketing abilities is an extremely powerful Tool that will aid unions in effectively representing their membership,” says Pete Marchese Director of Operations of Union Built PC Inc.

All Phase Media has been developing Websites for Labor Unions, which allows Labor Unions and International Organizations to Communicate better with their membership and associated Locals. This Communication with Members and Member Unions translates to more effective bargaining tools at Contract Negotiations.

“Many labor unions have different needs and have varied membership numbers. Some unions need a simple website, while other unions may need a more complex feature set. At the end of the day there is also no difference in that the design of the website needs to be easy for the membership to use and easy for the local to post information. These two components are critical to keeping the membership informed and engaged. With All Phase Media, you can relax and be confident knowing your website will be built to your custom configuration and within your budget.” says Mike Errico, President and Founder of All Phase Media.

Union Built PC Inc. developed their Grievance Manager Custom® and Grievance Manager Standard, enabling the Labor Industry to track their Grievances, Arbitrations, and related documents in real time as well as building custom hardware for the labor industry.

For more information about how All Phase Media can help Labor Unions and International Organizations bargain and represent their membership more effectively, contact Mike Errico at 631-533-3373 or email mike.errico@unionbuiltpc.com.

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About Union Built PC Inc.
Union Built PC Inc. has been serving the IT needs of Labor since 2001. Union Built PC’s mission is to “organize” Labor and help them “excel in everything they do.” Union Built PC believes their success is based on products and services that have been developed by Union Members and customized to meet the specific needs of their Labor Union Clients. That’s why every member of the Union Built PC team is a Union Member and organized by the Communications Workers of America Local 1101.

About All Phase Media
All Phase Media is a leading web design and marketing firm that has been helping clients of all sizes increase their reach for over 20 years. Founded on a “No Lock-In Contract Policy”, All phase media believes that if a company’s services are great there is no need to force customers to stay for any period of time. All Phase Media believes their clients success is the foundation of their own success.

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Pete Marchese, Director of Operations
Union Built PC

Mike Errico, Director of Web Design Services
Union Built PC