Union Grievance Processing – The After-Thought and the Unique Idea

Most union officers and union members understand the importance of timely and well documented grievance processing.  Many officer elections have been lost due to poor grievance handling, through untimely appeals, lost documentation, and lack of membership communication.

There are many companies providing applications that automate the grievance process, perhaps your union is utilizing one of these applications.  Our bet is that it is tied into your membership application as a module you can access.  This is called an “After-Thought”.  The “After-Thought” was provided as an enhancement to purchase the membership system.  It provides you with little or no ability for customization.  This type of multi-purpose software forces you to adapt, rather than the software adapting to your grievance handling procedures.

Our union team at Union Built PC decided to go with a “Unique Idea”.  Forego the membership application and concentrate specifically on the Grievance Application.  Our union team felt uniquely qualified due to our background of actually sitting and processing grievances and arbitrations for CWA for over 30 years.  Our unique idea is called Grievance Manager.  It is a product that we have built from the ground up and allows Unions total customization for automating their grievance procedure.  Also unique is our Grievance Manager Subscription for $99 per month.  No setup fees and cancellation at any time.

We would like to share with you our Unique Idea – GRIEVANCE MANAGER

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