Union Built PC Inc. and INCOM Announce Strategic Alliance Agreement

Union Built PC Inc. and INCOM will empower Labor Unions with Grievance Manager by Union Built PC Inc. and Membership Tracking Program (MTP) by INCOM



Two leaders in the Labor Union Software ecosystem, Union Built PC Inc. and INCOM have teamed up to offer Unions the most efficient grievance and membership tracking solutions; Grievance Manager by Union Built PC and Membership Tracking Program (MTP) by INCOM.

Union Built PC Inc. and INCOM are the leading experts in Union Membership Tracking Programs and Labor Specific Hardware Solutions, as well as Grievance and Arbitration Tracking Software. Combining the skillsets of their respective teams and product offerings will enable Labor to utilize cutting edge technology allowing them to represent their membership more effectively. This partnership also provides an opportunity for Union Built PC Inc. and INCOM to work collaboratively on product development for the benefit of labor.

“We at Union Built PC Inc. are constantly searching for Software Applications that will enable Labor to excel. INCOM’s goal is to be Labor’s one-stop, go-to, membership management software system, which keeps vital information at your fingertips while in the office or on the road.”, says Pete Marchese Director of Operations at Union Built PC Inc.

INCOM developed their Membership Tracking Program (MTP) to streamline financial and member tracking, apprentice and training tracking, membership management and communication in one place to save labor unions time and effort.

Union Built PC Inc. developed their Grievance Manager® Application in 2006, enabling the Labor Industry to track their Grievances, Arbitrations and related documents in real time.

Union Built PC Inc and INCOM’s partnership complements your investment in both Grievance Manager and MTP. Seamlessly working together, Grievance Manager by Union Built PC Inc. and MTP by INCOM securely link all grievance related information to your union member’s easy to find profile in MTP.

About Union Built PC Inc.

Union Built PC Inc. has been serving the IT needs of Labor since 2001. Union Built PC’s mission is “to organize Labor” and help them “excel in everything they do.” Union Built PC believes their success is based on products and services that have been developed and customized to meet the specific needs of their Labor Union Clients. That’s why every member of the Union Built PC team is a Union Member of CWA Local 1101.

About INCOM Inc.

INCOM is a custom application development firm that developed their Membership Tracking Program (MTP) in 1998 as a niche product, designed specifically for trade unions and by trade unions. Today, with constant software upgrades, the cutting-edge MTP Software System and MTP’s Training Software is used by over 400 labor organizations and training centers throughout the United States and Canada. MTP Powered by INCOM delivers next-generation union software to help track, retain and attract your Union’s members.

Contact Information:

Union Built PC Inc.
Pete Marchese, CEO
98 Haynes Ave.
West Islip NY 11795
Email: pete.marchese@unionbuiltpc.com

Jon Lorenzo, CEO
7353 Austin Powder Dr.
Glenwillow, OH 44139
Email: jlorenzo@netincom.com