Union Built PC Announces Partnership with Step One Grievance Systems to Broaden Grievance and Arbitration Management Solutions

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Union Built PC Announces Partnership with Step One Grievance Systems to Broaden Grievance and Arbitration Management Solutions

The Union Built PC and Step One Partnership helps meet the needs of smaller Union locals who struggle with budgetary constraints. The partnership offers a cost efficient alternative to advanced Grievance Manager Applications so smaller organizations do not have to pay for functionality and flexibility that they do not need.

Copiague, NY (PHANTOM POWER) February 4, 2014 – Union Built PC has announced that it will partner with Step One Business Services to offer a new product in the Grievance and Arbitration Management space in 2014. In addition to Union Built PC’s highly successful Grievance Manager Application, it will now offer a cheaper, lighter alternative called Step One Grievance.

The two products address different markets and needs; with Grievance Manager Applications designed and coded for specific client needs and CBAs versus Step One Grievance systems, a ready-made cloud product with back-end configuration and no barrier to entry.

Union Built PC’s Program Director, Barry Diederich, works with both products:

“Grievance Manager is a powerful product because each implementation is designed and coded to custom specifications, so there are literally unlimited possibilities that we can build for any set of rules, requirements or preferences.”

“Step One is a different animal, designed for smaller locals whose budget cannot accommodate that kind of glove-fitted product. However, it can still be configured into any number of input screens and field configurations, deliver strong reporting and basic email notification features with very quick and easy setup. For smaller Union locals, the appeal comes down to not having to pay for more functionality or flexibility than they need. ” Diederich continues.

Although the two products differ in capabilities and pricing, one thread common to both is customer service.

Pete Marchese, Director of Operations at Union Built PC says:

“With Grievance Manager, we’ve always been focused on understanding each client and their needs; the work process, the information flow and anything else that’s relevant to the client. The Step One product will work the same way. It’s not just an online tutorial that abandons the client after setup. It’s a real person, on the phone, listening to and addressing the issues and concerns of the client. A common offering to both products.”

Step One Grievance features include up to 10 users, file uploads and storage, screen-level user permissions, search by any field combination, email notifications on deadlines, and reports with counts per any grouping criteria.

Step One Grievance works with all major device types. There is also an accompanying smart phone app. The SaaS (software as a service) is billed as a monthly subscription with fees beginning at $49/month inclusive of setup and consultation.

For more information on Step One Grievance, Grievance Manager or to inquire about customized IT solutions for your Labor Union visit www.unionbuiltpc.com, call (877) 728-6466 or email [email protected].


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Union Built PC Inc. has been serving the IT needs of Labor since 2001. Union Built PC’s mission is to “organize” Labor and help them “excel in everything they do.” Union Built PC believes their success is based on products and services that have been developed by Union Members and customized to meet the specific needs of their Labor Union Clients. That’s why every member of the Union Built PC team is a Union Member. Union Built PC’s innovative Grievance Manager Application, a custom tool that allows Labor Unions to manage their grievance process from start through arbitration, is fast becoming the Industry Standard. Union Built PC has singularly provided cutting edge IT innovations for Labor which allow Unions to bargain and represent their membership more efficiently.

With the new Step One Grievance Systems partnership and Step One Grievance offering, they have become an even more powerful, fully integrated service provider.