Union Built PC’s Grievance Manager Application Automates the Grievance Process for IAMAW 869

We would like to welcome IAMAW Local Lodge 869 to the growing list of Grievance Manager Customers. After working with our Free 14 Day Trial of Grievance Manager, Hrvoje Golek Shop Committee Chairman decided that this is exactly what they were looking for to automate and track their grievances and arbitrations.

We’ll let Hrvoje tell it in his own words:

“The old way our Shop Committee used to file grievances and keep track of new ones was very ineffective and time consuming. Our priorities to serve our members and protect the collective agreement sometimes took a hit in favor of clerical duties, which was extremely time consuming.

Grievance Manager gave us the opportunity to focus exclusively on what we are supposed to do, without worrying about delays, documents, reports, investigation files and so on. Grievance Manager has all of this with just the click of a mouse. Keeping files in a file cabinet is now obsolete for our Lodge.

Working closely with the technical staff, notably Director of Software Development Barry Diederich, was an extremely enjoyable and highly productive experience as he was patient and knowledgeable of my modification demands, which were done within only a few days.

Grievance Manager has changed the way we do things here at IAM Local 869 for the better, and it helps us serve our membership more effectively and lets us focus on the things that really matter. I would recommend this software to all Union lodges without question, 5 stars.”

– Hrvoje Golek, Chef Comité d’Atelier
Unité Rolls-Royce Canada
AIMTA Section Locale 869

We at Union Built PC Inc. take great pride in our Premiere Product, Grievance Manager. Our Software Development unit, headed by its Director Barry Diederich, is second to none. We strive every day to level the playing field for Labor, and we are honored to serve our clients and their membership.

Thank you Hrvoje!