Union Built PC announces Grievance Manager 2021

Labor roars back with a new, feature rich Grievance Application for 2021.

WEST ISLIP, N.Y.Nov. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Union Built PC has announced a new, updated subscription-based application: Grievance Manager 2021

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(website: https://grievancemanager.com). The product is available now and boasts new and improved features for better process clarity, improved archiving and reporting, and ease of use. These are in addition to the popular features from the previous Grievance Manager Standard subscription product, such as color-coded due rows, monthly due calendar, flexible abeyance, and aggregate reporting.

The new product is also a response to the growing demand among unions to meet the NLRB’s new rules and liabilities for unions on grievance timelines and record keeping. Union Built PC Director of Development Barry Diederich describes it this way:

“We’ve applied lessons learned from 16 years of building custom grievance apps, and two years with our first subscription application, Grievance Manager Standard. While GMS has been a success for many unions with simple procedures, we looked for ways to accommodate more granular processes without having to go to fully custom designs. Grievance Manager 2021 is a robust, low-cost application that will work very well for a broader variety of unions and grievance processes, while keeping to the ‘KISS’ rule.”

With the new product, the company now has a more complete application for processing and archiving grievance cases, with special care for scheduling and document exchanges, as well as better categorizations for aggregate reporting and statistics over years of use. Improvements over the previous subscription product includes the following improvements to data screens:

  • Multiple grievants per case may now be entered with full information per individual, including Job title, Time in title, and Hire date – all searchable and linked to the case.
  • Better categorization and grouping by grievance type (custom defined) as well as separate designations for Just Cause, Past Practice, and Disparate Treatment.
  • Specific Document files such as Grievant Statement and Employer Position may be uploaded in addition to, or in place of, summaries. Unlimited additional documents can be uploaded to the general case “bucket.”
  • Key events (which serve as milestones for configurable email alerts) at each step now accommodate finer date distinctions, such as both Date Filed, Date Scheduled, Date Heard, Date of Management Position, and Date Notified of Decision. Additional data points per step include Management Position Letter (file), Management Position Statement, Minutes Document, and Notes on Scheduling Conflicts.


Just as important are improvements to readability and convenience, especially for Locals wanting to make their grievance data available to stewards throughout the bargaining units:

  • Screens are built to resize for variable width for laptops or tablets, with an optional phone layout for easy editing by smartphone.
  • Improve list screens for open and closed cases, showing case and due date status, and whether documents are attached.
  • Improved clarity in reporting tools makes them easier to use.
  • A read-only summary screen is now available for quick case reviews (PDF also).
  • PDF Contract reference files may be uploaded per bargaining unit.
  • Upcoming due calendar dates may be exported to users’ personal Google or MS Outlook calendars.
  • Member, Unit-Area, and Contract data may be uploaded directly as Excel or CSV files.

Union Built PC Director of Operations Pete Marchese adds, “With these new features, and new attention to scheduling and case timelines, we feel that Grievance Manager 2021 is going to be a union’s best tool to meet members’ needs in this new era.”

Union Built PC also provides custom software builds for specialized local and bargaining unit needs, using a collaborative planning and documentation process, and has built dozens of client-driven applications since 2005. More information at https://grievancemanager.com.

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