CASE STUDY: Union Built PC Equips New Training Center for IBEW Local 351

Recently, IBEW Local 351 contacted Union Built PC for assistance in building a network and equipping their classrooms for the new training center being built in Folsom New Jersey. Pete Marchese, Director of Operations and Glenn Joseph, Network Technician traveled to New Jersey and met with John Biondi (Training Director), Ed Gant ( Business Manager), and Dennis Kleiner (Business Agent ) to survey the new construction and discuss Network and Equipment needs. On the basis of Union Built PC’s recommendations, we were charged with designing and implementing the network and integrating the classroom equipment into the network and providing secure email.

Working with Joseph Knecht (Project Manager), John Biondi (Training Director), Lou Jiacopello (Assistant Training Director), and Dennis Kleiner (Business Agent), Union Built PC designed a State of the Art Network, custom designed for the Training Center’s needs with complete Classroom equipment integration. The Equipment provided included our new UB-7322 Workstations and UB-9743P Notebooks as well as NEC 300W projectors and dual Cisco WAP-321 access points for wireless internet access for the Classrooms. The Network backbone consisted of our newest UB-300 Server running ClearOS Professional Operating System with Cisco 500 POE Switches, QNAP NAS Drives and advanced KVM Switch with LCD Monitor.

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The Installation commenced in late December 2013 and was accomplished, thanks to the efforts of our Network Technicians Glenn Joseph and Rudy Koch, and with the support of Dennis Kleiner B.A. IBEW 351. The “State of the Art” Network, with Union Built PC’s UB-300 Server as the core, was able to configure the network with “Hot Lans” on separate IPs which enabled classrooms to access the internet isolating them from the main data network for security purposes. Secure email was provided on the UB-300 server via Zarafa Email Service with Outlook plugin and smart phone and tablet access.

Union Built PC was able to accomplish this Training Center installation on budget and on time. We are honored to have been chosen by IBEW Local 351 to accomplish this task. At the present time we are working with IBEW Local 351 to develop a document storage and tracking system for the training center that will be hosted on our UB-300 Server. It will allow secure and instant access to their documents via web browser.


“As the new assistant training Director I was fortunate to be involved with every aspect of this project including helping to explain our online and multimedia training needs at the new JATC. The Computers and components engineered for us by Union Built PC were spot on! We spoke at length about the needs for our instructors and students to be on the web due to the new LMS and Blended learning programs being launched this year by the National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee, and wanted to ensure we had enough in the way of bandwidth and networking flexibility to make it all happen.

“The system they designed was set up to be user friendly for students, instructors and the administration. We are pleased with the product, and the technical assistance we received from Union Built PC on this new building. As for training so far there have been no problems with staff picking up and using hardware and software supplied to us, and we expect to launch the new curriculum this Fall with no issues.”

– Lou Jiacopello, Assistant Training Director

“Local 351 along with our partners at NECA wanted our new JATC to be technologically advanced enough to maintain the new web based JATC curriculum today, and be prepared any future advancement that may come down the road. We had our new JATC cabled with 10gig, CAT 6A which is the best product we could obtain by today’s standards, but we knew the components at the end of those cables going to make the difference in the reliability of the network, but we needed an expert to listen to our needs and build us a network we could depend on; This is where Union Built PC came in.

“My business manager, Ed Gant was adamant we went with a company that we could not only rely for issues with hardware or software, but also someone who took the security of the JATC’s information and network as seriously as he did, Union Built PC has provided us with security, reliability, and peace of mind knowing they listened to our concerns and delivered what we expected. We are pleased with the service and product we have received to date and our JATC is up and running with both cabled and wireless networks, email for all instructors, and a server with Cloud backup, and Union Built PC designed it all based on what we verbally told them we wanted to achieve for the future of this JATC, and thanks to them we are ready for the future.”

– Dennis Kleiner, Business Agent IBEW Local 351

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