“I really believe that nothing will replace us when we die, however there is a tool that helps us take care of our loved ones long after we are gone.”

Insurance was never in the center of my attention! Until 2021, when the impact of an early parental death in my immediate family made me investigate and experience first-hand how such tragic and unanticipated catastrophe strikes. Although insurance is integrated into finance, and they deal with the same issues: #1. managing risks, and #2. allowing people and organizations to reach their goals effectively; I was just not focusing on it.

Bereavement in a young family’s life brings disruption, pain, confusion, reliance on social networks and financial hardship for both the children and the surviving parent. My family and I remain stunned and distraught after the death of a young father. Dealing intimately with life insurance in this particularly heartbreaking case brought me closer to this 400-year-old infrastructure which protects people against risks they never see coming. Death, in its irreversible function, is of course part of life, but we don’t like to think about it. Nothing will replace us when we die, however this is a tool that helps us take care of our loved ones long after we are gone. This is especially true for young children who lose a parent.

I strongly encourage you to review your existing insurance policy and make sure coverage is sufficient enough. If you, or your loved ones don’t have coverage yet, don’t hesitate to reach out. – I’m happy to help. I feel strongly, that:

  • Every young family needs to have life insurance covering both parents.
  • People who have someone to protect, or feel responsible for others, need insurance against an early, sudden death.
  • Everyone who could have inherited a fatal condition – approximately 72 cardiac diseases are classified as genetic – needs to manage this risk while paying back a mortgage, starting a business, or planning a family and before it’s too late to seek insurance coverage.

I believe in helping to build bridges and reach goals. One solution that I’m committed to going forward is low cost, easy to access life insurance to protect anyone who needs it, because terrible things do not choose who to inflict.

I’m here if you want to talk,

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