“I really believe that nothing will replace us when we die, however there is a tool that helps us take care of our loved ones long after we are gone.” Insurance was never in the center of my attention! Until 2021, when the impact of an early parental death in my immediate family made me […]

How to Win NLRB Cases against Union-Busters – October 27, 2022 / Phil Cohen

This Article was published in LABOR NOTES: “Every labor dispute is a battle between hope and fear,” writes Phil Cohen, author of Fighting Union Busters in a Carolina Carpet Mill and The Jackson Project: War in the American Workplace. This cartoon was drawn by Patricia Ford for use in leaflets during a 2018 decertification drive at Mohawk Industries. […]

NLRB Rules Employers May Not Unilaterally Stop Union Dues


October 03, 2022 Today, the NLRB issued a decision in Valley Hospital Medical Center, Inc., on remand from United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, finding that employers may not unilaterally stop union dues checkoff after a collective-bargaining agreement expires. The Board’s initial decision on this issue, Bethlehem Steel (1962), held that an employer was free to end dues […]

Lockout Continues at Rolls-Royce Canada in Montreal: Last bargaining blitz failed

On 15 March, Rolls-Royce Canada locked out 530 workers at the Côte-de-Liesse aircraft engine maintenance factory in Montreal while they were attending a general meeting to discuss progress at the bargaining table.  Rolls-Royce Canada wants to end the defined benefit pension plan and is proposing a salary freeze for the years 2020 and 2021. Since Rolls-Royce […]