Lockout Continues at Rolls-Royce Canada in Montreal: Last bargaining blitz failed

On 15 March, Rolls-Royce Canada locked out 530 workers at the Côte-de-Liesse aircraft engine maintenance factory in Montreal while they were attending a general meeting to discuss progress at the bargaining table.  Rolls-Royce Canada wants to end the defined benefit pension plan and is proposing a salary freeze for the years 2020 and 2021. Since Rolls-Royce […]

Yes, We can Import Your Old Grievances : Grievance Manager!

In our 17 years with Grievance Manager, we’ve often had requests to import old grievances from other systems, most often MS Access, Excel spreadsheets, and file systems with grievance documents, and from other types of databases as well.  Can these legacy grievances –  often many years’ worth – be imported into a new Grievance Manager […]


The Cyber War has begun with a united front aimed directly at Russia.  Rest assured that Russia is blaming the West and will retaliate.  No entity is exempt and now is the time to shore up your Network security.  Here are some steps to secure your network: BACKUP – BACKUP – BACKUP Have a redundant […]

Win More Grievances

If you are a Union Steward, Chief Steward, or Union Officer you already know how important it is to win grievances and arbitrations for your members.  Why then do Union Reps walk into a grievance hearing unarmed and unprepared? By unarmed, I mean without tools that give you the advantage. By unprepared, I mean not […]