Union Built PC Offers Lease to Own Options
With many Locals struggling to stay in the black, Union Built PC has made it easier on Labor’s bottom line by offering 36 or 48 Month Lease to own options. Leases are not only available for all our Hardware but also for our premiere software product “Grievance Manager”. Thanks in large part to our partnership with M2 Leasing Company (based in Iowa) and it’s Vice President John O’Connor, Union Built PC can make the purchase of its Hardware or Software quick and easy via Lease to Own. M2 Leasing Company has put together National Account Labor Union pricing so the payment plans are extremely competitive. So, if you are a National or International Union, or a Local that is thinking of purchasing a new Server, PCs, Laptops or our “Grievance Manager” Software, Union Built PC can soften the impact on your bottom line. All Leases are no money down, no hidden fees and at lease end you own the equipment for $1.00.

Sample Lease Form (click here)

Advantages of Leasing:

  • 100% financing
  • Flexible terms
  • Long term fixed rate financing
  • Improves liquidity
  • Improves ROA or ROI ratio
  • Avoids 4th quarter mid-quarter depreciation problem
  • Improves cash flow
  • Avoids alternative minimum tax
  • Obtain equipment otherwise prohibited by restrictive loan covenants
  • Minimizes the problem of equipment obsolescence
  • Sale and leasebacks offer a variety of advantages to help liquidity or minimize tax problems